Who we are

My name is Lasse Staal. I’m the designer behind the creations you’ll find on this site. I have a passion for furniture and design and I love to experiment with different ways of doing things. I’m extremely curious and can’t stop myself from exploring new things and imagine things created in a different way.

I established Moodi because I love the creative process of bringing ideas to life.

For several years I did built the furniture myself, but now I collaborate with professional people in the furniture industry. All creations are designed and made in Denmark in collaboration with highly skilled woodworkers and blacksmiths.

Lasse Staal, Moodi

What we are

Moodi is a small furniture and interior company established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014. We are passionate about great design and details. We are into beautiful materials and finishes in both look and feel. We love simplicity and we are doing our best to create aesthetic and simple interior in high quality and with a Nordic touch.

What we want

We want to bring our many interior ideas to life. We want to create long-lasting products of high quality. Products which can contribute to the legendary Danish design legacy. We don’t care about seasonal trends or timeless design, but we care about creating what we think is beautiful, and what can bring joy to people’s lives today.


Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone +45 24413323
CVR: 36175079
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